Trail Update/ Feb 2012..!!

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Trails are in good shape for this time of the year tho very WET from the last 3 days of RAIN! Just finished the Soggy Bottom Bridge rebuild..Its wider, longer and sturdier .. and should hold up better to torrential rains..See-Saw rebuild should be finished as soon a we get a break in the weather….got a few berms to build and by early spring MZ should be gettin even sweeter. Mark your calender for MAY 6, 2012!! MZ will having a SCRCS USA Cycling sanctioned x-country race… so if you race x-country, you’ll never race a more fun course and if your new to mtn biking, this is a great place to get started… categories for all talent levels and all age groups!! Great spectator course too so bring the family!! If you’re plannin a trip to MZ and need to check weather or trail conditions prob have a better chance to get me at that address is monitered constatntly and we’ll get the info you need asap..


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OK we admit it….! we’ve been spendin more time on the the trail than we have on this neglected blog.  BUT we’re gonna try to change that…not that we’re gonna be on the trail any less, we’re just gonna try to keep the blog a little more current…SO in the of today (11/3/11) MZ trail is wide open and ready to ride, we keep it maintained year round…now this time of year, expect a little more leaves n straw on the tread, but we blow it off when possible.If you haven’t been here in a few months, the EWOK Loop has now been added and is now a seamless part of the ‘A’ Loop.. It’s a fun little 1/3 mile section with 7 bridges! ‘ A’ Loop is now 6.35 miles.  The Black Diamond Section is still there and ridable,  tho this race season has prevented us finishing the last 200 yards….Sounds like a good winter time project tho.

PAVILLION.. New pavillion was finished in the spring of ’11. Got electricity and even a fridge and even lights if you finish your lap after dark..Still no restroom facilities as of yet, so you may wanna make a pitstop before you arrive…If you need more info such as how the weather is or current conditions for a ride you may be planning, shoot and email to This email is checked almost hourly so we’ll reply asap..


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Locals and LA Boys gettin ready to ride

Locals and LA Boys gettin ready to ride

Bike Magazine editor Chris Lesser and photograper Morgan Meridith came all the way from California to check out MZ Trails on a tour of trails in the southeast USA.  There first stop in New Orleans attracted some locals that followed them north to MZ on 11/18/09. Chris and Morgan are  super-nice guys. Both love to ride and love the outdoors. We all made a loop, made friends with our new Cajun buddies, grilled some burgers and stood around the fire and talked ‘bike stuff’ untill way after dark. The Bike Mag. guys were so impressed with our little trail that they stayed and extra day to come ride and take more pictures.  They arrived early next morning, rode and took zillions of picts of our own Tracey Case,  mostly on and around the ‘Big Bridge’ on the now hidden, soon to be open Black Diamond Loop. One picture of  Tracey dropping of the bridge was actually featured on the Bike Magazine website promoting the tour.

New Orleans Boys are anxious...

We’re looking forward to the tour report in a future issue, and maybe even a mention of  MZ Trail. Hopefully sometime in the spring of ’09 .
Bike Magazine photog Morgan Meridith

Bike Magazine photog Morgan Meridith

I realized a new-found respect for mtn biking as we stood around the dwindling fire talking about the state of our sport.  Even tho Chris’s capabilities on a bike were evident, and he honestly could have ‘smoked’ the majority of us on the ride, the perspective he gave, tho unintentional was eye opening.  It’s not all about lap times, heart rate and VO2 max… It’s ok to ride…. just cause you wannna ride.  So, every now and then, I’m just gonna ride. I’ll leave the HR monitor at home and just soak in the beauty of the ride and enjoy Gods creation of nature we so often take for granted. I got into this sport as a fitness thing, and that’s ok.. but it can be so much more,  if you let it….

Johnny Smith 2/4/09

2007 Trail Promo Video

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This is the old original MZ Trail promo, Tracey and I did back in the summer of  ’07.  It was made well before all the new new features we have now, but it still gives you a good idea of what the  ‘A’  trail is all about….approx 2 1/2 min. long….and Crank It Up!!

Directions from I-55 anywhere in MS

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On I-55,  we’re about 45 min. south of Jackson and  approx. 1hr 15 min north of Kentwood, LA.

Take I-55 to exit 48 (Mt. Zion Rd)  Go west 4.2 miles on a narrow, curvy paved road. A small yellow MZ Trail sign will be on your right next to the entrance. Park anywhere.  You can see the trailhead and kiosk from the entrance. Just follow the arrows from the trailhead for the appropriate trails. White arrows for 5-mile advanced trail(lots of bridges, optional jumps, see-saw, etc.) Follow yellow arrows for 2-mile beginner trail (Wider, only a few easy bridges) Both trails return you back to the trailhead.

Open 24/7 – 365



Trek/Gary Fisher Demo-Biloxi

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Trek Trailer w/45 Trek & Fisher Bikes

Trek Trailer w/45 Trek & Fisher Bikes

the 2 Johnnys and 2 Awesome Bikes

the 2 Johnnys and 2 Awesome Bikes

Johnny Hart and I made the trip to Bethel Trails in Biloxi on Jan 31 with intentions of sampling a few newer bikes, check out the new course of the first race stop of the season, and to see what was available and if an ‘upgrade’ was really worth it.  In a word, Unbelievable!!  I had no idea how much better a top-of-the-line maxed out Trek or Fisher would ride!   Wow!…Faster, lighter, quicker, more travel, more responsive…..all of the above. 

 I was looking for something with a little more travel than my old Fuel 80, to take the punishment of some of the larger hits on MZ trail that would(and has) break my fuel in half.   That way I could ‘save’ my fuel 80 for racing and hit the jumps with what I thought would be a heavier,sluggish but more durable 6″ travel bike… wrongwrongwrong!!…  The Trek Remedy and Fishers version, the Roscoe 3, could certainly take the punishment and deliver a plush ride …but they were also so lighter, faster and more responsive than what I’ve been trying to race with !!  Makes my old Fuel handle like a bulldozer. ..

Hart was looking for more of a ‘trail bike’. Now considering he’s been riding a 4300 since day one, and never even thrown a leg over a full suspension ride,  you can imagine the impression a Gary Fisher HiFi Pro made.  This under 30lb trail bike with 5″ travel was extremely fast in it’s class and handled like a dream.

Fred even takes time to pose with the fans...!

Fred even takes time to pose with the fans...!

Now we both do realize that we ride and even ‘race’ for the fun of it…but boy it sure is funner on one of these!! So the answer to the question: Is the upgrade worth the price?  a big ole astounding YES!!   On the drive home we were figuring ways to save, sell, scrounge, and dig up the needed funds for these man toys..Any ideas??… so what’s the going rate on plasma these days..

Johnny Smith 2/2/09

The All New Brand New Mt Zion Bike Trail Blog!!

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entering the pitWelcome to the Mt. Zion Bike Trail Blog!! It’s gonna take a bit to get the kinks out but keep checkin’ back. We’re gonna tell ya all about ‘the biggest little trail in Mississipi’  and the people who ride there!  We’ll keep you updated on scheduled events, group rides, work days and such, along with current trail conditions and additions. Directions and maps will be posted soon if you’ve never been here. 

It’s Jan ’09, looking forward to warmer weather but we’re busy working on the new, soon to be open BLACK DIAMOND  loop, but we’ll tell ya more about that later.  So get your full-face helment ready and look for pictures and posts soon!

We’ll also keep you posted on the SCRCS and MS MTN Bike Racing Series.  At least our version of  it and the stories that will follow.  Soggy Bottom BridgeThe first race is March 1st in Biloxi…come join us!